Dr.Frederica Kennedy

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Dr.Kennedy has 19 years of experience, specializing in pediatrics,with particular emphasis in the areas of Autism,developmental disabilities,sensory processing and executive functioning disorders as a licensed occupational therapist.
She received her clinical doctorate from Rocky Mountain University in 2011 and was awarded her national certification for Autism specialist in 2017.She has treated all ages of pediatric patients in the NICU,hospital outpatients,school and home settings.
Dr.Kennedys experience also includes being a part of the quality assurance board for the greater metropolitan easter seals 0-3 program,Illinois state early intervention specialist and master trainer for the Illinois inclusion project.In addition she has served as the associate professor at Chicago State University for 4 years where some of her duties include teaching both undergraduate and graduate level students in the occupational therapy program and serving as the principal researcher of university projects in the college of health and sciences.In addition ,she has had the privelege of being invited to speak on numerous workshops and professional events involving strategies for managing Autism in the school and home enviroment for the Illinois council for exceptional children.Dr.Kennedy relocated from the state of Illinois to Atlanta Georgia in 2017 where she enjoys private practice in a pediatric clinic as a certified Autism specialist a well as creating with her wonderful husband,the "Shining Rainbows Autism Foundation."Dr.Kennedy was listed as the new face of Autism in the Atlanta based "trendsetter"magazine 2014. Dr.Kennedy's childrens book "What to do When Your Brother is From Mars?"which is a delightful story written to raise the awareness of the effects of Autism from the view of a young boy and his typically developing sibling is currently in process to be completed in 2019.